KTO Kabeltechnik GmbH

Is based in Rodgau near Frankfurt/Main and has been supplying cable protection products for more than 30 years.

We began as a small business manufacturing a limited range of products for several customers in Germany. Over the years we have progressively expanded and we now ship a wide range of cable-protection-related products and accessories to various industries worldwide.

Cable protection with the cable tubing of KTO Kabeltechnik

We focus on the production of closable protection tubes and cable tubing for the grouping, covering and protection of electrical cables against mechanical and thermal strain.

Heat reflective tubing, consisting of double-sided coated E-Fibreglass fabric, providing thermal protection of cables exposed to high temperatures, consequently ensuring effective heat reflection.

EMC-shielding tubes fitted with a metallic exterior provide an additional shield for electromagnetic frequencies (high-frequency shielding).

Our cable tubing are used in a broad cross-section of manufacturing industries, ranging from the automobile and mechanical engineering industries through to the telecommunications and medical equipment industries. Each industry has it’s own unique requirements which KTO Kabeltechnik products fulfil.